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JL Consulting provides a unique combination of services that not only provide customers with a low cost relocation alternative, but also help get you up and running in your new home faster and more confidently. Our team has both a technology and relocation background, so can help you with both the back breaking labor, as well as making sense of the jumbled mess of cables!

We provide two levels of service, click each for a more detailed description:

Professional Moving Assistance

  • Have you rented a truck/cube van and need help loading or unloading it?
  • Need an extra guy (or two) to help lift heavy furniture?
  • Loading trucks safely & securely not something you've ever done before?

Look no further!

JL Consulting provides professional moving assistance for a low hourly rate!

Our professional staff take all the hastle out of loading & unloading your truck rental; saving your back and your money! Why pay 2 - 3 times as much for a full blown moving company, when you can have the cost savings of 'doing it yourself' without actually having to do it yourself!

Click here to see what some of our customers have had to say! (Where do these reviews come from?)

Where do these reviews come from?

Customers who book us through uHaul's EMove.com service have the opportunity to review our services after we've completed the job. These reviews exist with uHaul, and are unedited, honest opinions of our service. We strive to be the best, and work very hard to please each and every one of our clients.

We hope you choose to work with us, such that we can add you to our growing list of satisfied clients!

Click here to read our customer reviews on EMove.com.


  • Monday - Friday: 6PM - 11PM
  • Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 8AM - 11PM


  • $55/hour per man
  • Minimum 2 Hour Booking

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Please read our recommendations to you on move day!

Our Recommendations to You on Move Day

  • Ensure we have a clear path so that we don’t trip over anything, or anyone.  (Boxes, Pets, Children, etc)
  • Provide us with lots of blankets to cover any furniture going into the truck to minimize the possibility of things getting scratched or damaged.
  • Please be available (or have someone available) to answer any questions we may have while we move your belongings.
  • Please let us organize the loading of the truck so that we can maximize available space, ensure everything is packed safely, and has the least chance of shifting during transport.
  • We recommend that exceptionally fragile things such as TVs, paintings, mirrors, and priceless heirlooms be packed in a separate car if possible for added safety.

Grab a beer/glass of wine and relax while we take care of the rest!

Home Computing, Network, and Entertainment Setup & Support

JL Consulting has over 10 years of technology related experience, and provides the following services to get your home up and running without the frustration of doing it yourself!

  • Desktop PC and Peripheral Setup
  • Home Networking Setup (Wired or Wireless)
  • Complete Home Entertainment System Setup
  • 1 Year of Free Email Tech Advice©

We offer this service on the same day as your move, or feel free to have us back once you're all unpacked!


  • Monday - Friday: 6PM - 11PM
  • Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 8AM - 11PM


  • Moving Combo Setup Service: $39
    • Price eligible when combined with moving assistance
    • Includes 1 hour of Setup Service
    • Recommendations & Training Provided
    • 1 Year of Free Email Tech Advice©
  • Standalone Setup Service: $79
    • Includes 1 hour of Setup Service
    • Recommendations & Training Provided
    • 1 Year of Free EMail Tech Advice©

What is Email Tech Advice?

Tech Advice© is an exciting new service JL Consulting is please to offer to all existing clients at no additional charge!

  • Thinking of buying new electronics but not sure what's the latest & greatest to fit your budget?
  • Have a computer issue/question and not sure how to best get it resolved/answered?

Receive 1 Year of complimentary advice for your technology related issues and questions after having purchased any of our qualifying services. Our team will promptly respond to your questions with advice to steer you in the right direction!

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