About Us

Professional Moving Assistance

JL Consulting takes the hassle out of moving by providing strong, dependable man power to complement your truck rental. Our professional team ensures your belongings are packed safely and securely so you can rest easy on move day, knowing you have solid help!

Our team has the experience, professionalism, and attention to detail that you are looking for!

Here's what you don't get with 'the other guy':

Most importantly, we show up!

We've NEVER left a customer without the service they required. When we book a job, we'll be there!

No gimmicks or suprise costs.

You don't need to worry about excess or hidden fees. Our quoted rate is all that you pay, period!

Friendly, pro-active service!

We work with you by providing our expert advice, and take direction from you should you have a specific preference.

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Technology Services

Once upon a time moving was simple. You packed up your stuff, moved, then unpacked. Today we have a wealth of electronics to entertain us, but for the average person, making sense of the mess of wires and cabling is a nightmare!

JL Consulting aims to bridge the gap between moving-in and settling-in by taking care of all these frustrations!

We provide:

  • Desktop PC and Peripheral Setup
  • Home Networking Setup (Wired or Wireless)
  • Complete Home Entertainment System Setup

We have over 15 years of industry experience and take pride in the level of customer service we deliver.

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